Yoga has made me more self-confident; I’m trusting my instincts more and making better decisions”.

I had been intrigued by yoga since I was a little girl. It seemed exotic, ancient, and elegant. In my twenties I took a couple of yoga classes. They seemed focused on who could do the hardest poses for the longest time. I felt uncomfortable and alienated. This wasn’t the yoga I wanted. I wanted to feel centered and calm.

Over the years my mom and I took classes at the local community college, but we never found an exercise class that we both felt comfortable pursuing. Then one day I found Yoga for the Larger Woman.

There are other larger women in the class so I don’t feel like an alien. And there is a community of other women who I can relate to in the context of movement and exercise. Right from the start I felt more comfortable than I ever had in an exercise class. No one was staring at me, and the yoga poses are accessible. Some are challenging; indeed some are very challenging. But they are challenging for me as an individual. I get to take them as far as I want. It can be difficult to explain how fantastic this feels.

Through yoga I’ve gained courage in myself. For years I had been struggling at work. I was overstressed, angry, and depressed. And the stress of work bled into every moment of my life. I knew I had to make a change. But the thought of leaving the financial security I had made change seem impossible and overwhelming. However, the practice of yoga abled me to regenerate; it kept my mind from racing, grounded my sense of self, made me feel confident. Eventually, yoga gave me the strength and courage to say, I’m going to change my life. And I have.

- Lori