Within the first ten minutes of the Larger Woman class with Vilma, I knew I would be taking many more classes with this highly skilled and gifted instructor. Her instruction has a wonderful precision that creates an ease in moving into unfamiliar positions and postures. She is supportive and encouraging; and her belief that yoga should be available to all ages and all sizes is inspiring. — Nexus

My skepticism about how a large woman like me could possibly do yoga has completely vanished. Moreover my back pain has decreased significantly; my energy level is better; and my flexibility is improving. Now I know that in the right setting yoga can be good for all bodies. — Janet

This class is a wonderful reminder that self care is not self indulgence. — K.S.

As a larger woman I thought for many years I could never ever do anything like yoga. Now I almost constantly want to move in my body. I can walk easily upstairs. My concentration has improved. And I’m dealing better with depression. — Nicole

I had been suffering for two years from hip pain as a result of a knee injury before I found Yoga for the Larger Woman class. Previously, none of the exercises that had been recommended had made any difference. After my very class I was pain free for the first time in two years, and I stayed that way for several days. Others actually commented on how I was walking differently. And since that beginning, the benefits of this class have multiplied; I now feel better all over, including in my hip. Every Saturday when I return from class, my husband never fails to tell me that I look like a different person, more healthy and relaxed. I thank Vilma and her class for bringing out the best of me. — Michelle

Sometimes when I leave this class I just can’t stop smiling. — Ruth

In my first Yoga for the Larger Woman class, Vilma customized a pose to help open my back to relax a VERY tight muscle that I I injured four months earlier. She has definitely given me hope that through yoga I can once again have a freedom of movement without pain. — Mary

I have experienced two major abdominal surgeries, and as a result I have for a long time generally felt rather squished in my belly. But with this class I have learned what it is to feel more open and less obstructed in this area. I donʼt know how I could have ever achieved this on my own. — Kathy

Since beginning this yoga, I have been able to go off my anxiety medication. What an amazing thing! — Sarah

I am overweight, 70-ish, and have considerable osteoarthritis. I am reasonably active, but for years I have made frequent visits to the chiropractor with shoulder, back and neck problems. I tried yoga twenty years ago, but it just didn’t work for me. So it came as a great shock that regular participation in Vilma’s Yoga for Larger Women Class—which I began with considerable trepidation three years ago—has resulted in lower blood pressure, very rare chiropractic visits, considerable reduced pain and more energy. Not only that, but what I have saved in chiropractic and physician’s visits has more than paid for all my yoga classes. And now, with Vilma’s encouragement, I have learned how to implement a home practice, too! — Diane

Yoga has given me the gift of movement. I simply didn’t realize how much I missed this until I regained it. — Linda

Going beyond what I think are my limits and finding that I capable of more than I thought—this is a gift that this class has given me. — Aysha

After many years of trying yoga in different places, I finally found a class in which I do not feel intimidated or out of place because of my size. Vilma is very knowledgeable about suggesting alternatives to traditional yoga poses and good at spotting trouble spots that particular students have. I end each class feeling stronger and more relaxed. Each class is a gift I give myself. — Kathryn

Every time I leave class, walking home is GREAT! I stand taller and I walk easier. This class is wonderful. — Kathy