2013 Yoga For The Larger Woman Calendar

“I feel deeply touched by this calendar. It portrays such true feminine beauty, courage in life and the
inspiration you bring to the world.”
— Angela Farmer

2012 Calendar Page


“When the essence of a soul is expressed in the strong architecture of a yoga pose, we are left in awe. . . . These magnificent images testify that nothing precludes any one of us from participating in the art of yoga. These women lead the way with their courage and their beauty.”
— Rodney Yee

2013 Calendar in the news:

Each of the 14 “calendar girls” (ages 29 – 72)—all of whom are students in the Yoga for the Larger Woman Program—is featured in an artful, black and white photo, with each in a different yoga pose. The blessings of Rodney Yee and Angela Farmer, well-known yogis themselves, attest to the beauty and power of these images, which truly lay to rest the myth that yoga is just for the young or the lean or the bendy.

The photos also come with a brief personal statement capsulizing in a few words what yoga has meant for the featured yogi. To pick out just two:

“After 50 years of dragging this body around, yoga has enabled me to live in it.”
— Janet
“When I practice yoga I feel whole.”
— Tara

Angela Farmer has also written a deeply moving autobiographical poem specifically for this occasion; it fills a full page of the calendar.

Photos created by Joni Kabana, an award-winning visual artist and photojournalist living in Portland, Oregon.

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Calendar Specifications

Format: Standard Wall
Size Closed: 12.0” x 12.0”
Size Opened: 24.0” x 12.0”
Grid Size: Medium size squares
Binding: Stapled
Time Span: 12 months
Photos: 14
Publisher: Self-published by The Yoga Project
Quantity: Limited
Price: $15.00