Two projects were completed with the Yoga for the Larger Woman Program between 2010 and 2013. The first project was called “Living in My Body” (LiMB), a year-long study on the effects of larger women beginning and sustaining a daily yoga practice. The second was Yoga for the Larger Woman Calendar 2013. More info about both projects below.

The LiMB Project

In 2010, four amazing women committed to incorporate yoga into their every day living by beginning a regular home practice. They agreed that under Vilma’s guidance they would practice every day for the next year. Starting with five minutes, they ultimately worked up at least to an hour of daily practice. And each of them blogged several times a week during the whole year about their practice. To maintain their individual voices, they agreed not to read each other’s blogs until the year ended.

Towards the close of the study, they were each asked to respond to a series of questions. And a written report was subsequently prepared, “The Effects of Larger Women Sustaining a Daily Yoga Practice for One Year”.

The Calendar Project

In 2012 fourteen women from LW Program volunteered to produce a striking 2013 calendar, designed to inspire other women "of size" to practice yoga. Each of the 14 “calendar girls” (ages 29 – 72) is featured in an artful, black and white photo, with each in a different yoga pose. The photos also come with a brief personal statement capsulizing in a few words what yoga has meant for the featured yogi.

Rodney Yee and Angela Farmer, well-known yogis themselves, offered some kind words attest to the beauty and power of these images, which truly lay to rest the myth that yoga is just for the young or the lean or the bendy. Angela Farmer has also written a deeply moving autobiographical poem specifically for this occasion; it fills a full page of the calendar.

Photos created by Joni Kabana, an award-winning visual artist and photojournalist living in Portland, Oregon.