Yoga for the Larger Woman

Be. Strong. Flexible. You.

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Your body is a door, not a barrier - it opens to a greater stillness, joy and freedom.

When I practice yoga I feel whole.
Yoga helped me to get out of antidepressants I had been taking for 20 years; eliminated insomnia; and recently got me through radiation treatment and cancer surgery with flying colors.
After 50 years of dragging this body around, yoga has enabled me to live in it!
This is an interview with Vilma Zaleskaite, who slipped into a yoga career by accident.
Yoga has made me more self-confident; I’m trusting my instincts more and making better decisions”.
Before I wasn’t connected with my body, just something that I fed, clothed, bathed. Now thanks to yoga I understand my body’s gifts, as well as its limitations and am constantly impressed by what it can do.
Yoga teaches me to listen; through this I have learned how to walk up and down stairs without pain, despite the arthritis in my knees.

Yoga for the larger woman

Some local women who once believed yoga was only for the young, lean and bendy, have a new perspective.
Yoga teaches me to balance my weight evenly on my feet and has enabled me to walk without ankle pain.
The self-awareness I gained through yoga enabled me to increase my mobility, change my diet and lose weight. As a result, I manage my Type 2 diabetes without medication.
I am now able to control my hypertension through relaxation techniques, and also manage the pain I had experienced from autoimmune connective tissue disease.
Every little girl wants to be beautiful. I was no exception. But as a chubby toddler, fat kid, and morbidly obese teenager, I was never in the running.
Yoga is improving my core strength and balance; it has brought a renewed enjoyment to simple activities like walking and gardening.
Being the full-time caretaker of a daughter with multiple disabilities had left me physically and emotionally exhausted for years - antidepressants got me through the days; sleeping medication, the nights. Yoga changed this; it has given me back my life